Banquets & Functions

Banquets-(Minimum 2 people) Note: Can accommodate vegetarian's for                                                                                                             banquets

We have carefully selected a variety of Thai dishes in our set menus. If any of our courses do not suit your taste requirements, please let us know so an alternative dish or dishes may be arranged to please.
Note : No corkage charge on banquets.

Set Menu A - $34.00 Per Person

Por Pia Nur - Thai spring rolls with meat or vegetables (2 each)
Nam ZodSpicy minced pork with ginger,onions,roast peanuts &lemon juice
Satay - Mixed satay (chic & beef) with satay sauce     (2 each)
Main Courses
Gang DangBeef red curry with vegetables
Gai YangMarinated chicken,char-grilled with chilli,garlic, pepper,lemongrass & wine
Pud PukStir fried combination vegetables
Pud KingPork stir fried with ginger & onions
Vanilla ice-cream
tea or coffee

Set Menu B - $39.00 Per Person

Tom Yum - Spicy hot & sour soup with chicken or prawns
Curry Puff - Minced chicken,potatoes,onions,spices in puff pastry (2 each)
Por Pia Nur - Thai spring rolls with meat or vegetables (2 each)
Satay - Mixed satay with satay sauce (chic and beef)  (2 each)
Main Courses
Panang - Panang style chicken curry cooked in coconut milk
Pud Bai Grapow Prawn - Prawns stir fried with chilli,garlic & sweet basil
Pud Gratiam Prik Thai Beef - Beef with garlic & pepper
Pud Puk - Stir fried combination vegetables
Banana Fritter & ice cream
tea or coffee
             Also available at King & I are two large function rooms upstairs. Suitable for any type of celebration or even more private affairs (club or business meetings).
             Everything you require is upstairs, including toilet, fridge and freezer.These rooms are semi private and do not disturb downstairs. So noise is not an issue.                                                         F            Function room A holds max 30pp. Function room B holds max 16pp. We do not enforce Banquets with function rooms. Though it does make it quicker for everyone to receive their meals together.                                                                                                                                           We are still BYO. And don't forget all corkage charges are covered in the Banquet price. Any more queries do not hesitate in phoning us.


From small groups to large, enquire within to find out more!